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Unity Game Coding Using C#

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Book Info

This is an electronic book published exclusively at the Unity Asset Store as Unity Game Coding Using C#. It is somewhat advanced and if you're new to scripting you might check out the free stuff below. This book is best when either the reader has some programming experience (almost any other language) and/or has a good C# reference or begining tutorial to refer to.

All accompanying assets can be found at Colorado Game Coders LLC on the AssetStore

You can find the online discussion page at the forum.

Book News (Most Recent Listed First)

November 2104 News

Chapter 4 has been added and approved!

Also, see the zip for accompanying project as Chapter 4 Assets

September 2104 News

The book has been approved at the Asset Store and can be purchased here!

Currently chapters 1-3 are complete (for now!) and the other chapters will be added soon!

Free Stuff

Learning Resources From Unity (good for those new to C# and programming)

The (video) scripting tutorials <- You could watch these before reading, or as you read along with, this book.

The official manual's scripting section <- An alternative written approach.

C-Sharp Unity Tutorial <- The good old one from the community.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Unity

…can be downloaded here If you like it, please support by purchasing the book at the Asset Store.

  • …uses the Unity Package, Ch1Finished
  • …and optionally this package RotateTest
  • …as well as this video:
  • Video for Editing Terrain (referenced from Chapter 2, World Creation) and others will be added here.

    Various Demos…

    Demo From Chapter 10: 2D_Platformer - Boned Character

    Demo From Chapter 10: 2D_Platformer - Sprite Character