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How To Play

Learn by Example - A Video

The easiest way to learn how to play iRPS - The Board Game is to watch someone else play it. Here's a video of a the game being played. The video also shows the use of menu access for changing the level of difficulty in the middle of a game.

Video: Quick-Time Movie Of Game#6 - 14 megs

Brief Instructions

The next easiest way to learn how to play iRPS - The Board Game is just to try moving the pieces around. Legal moves are shown via a green highlight. If you make an illegal move the game will make an annoying sound. Also, play against the AI, "Alpha", until you learn the game. It is the easiest opponent - and this will give you a fighting chance when you are first learning.

Your pieces are the green-on-white ones. You play against a computer opponent who has the yellow-on-black pieces. Each moves leaves behind a blocking piece. You will want to take the AI's pieces for more points (five points). If wanted, you can simply move to empty spot but you will only get one point.

Game #3, shown below, happens to be a crowded game with horizontal symmetry (most, but not all games have some form of symmetry). The AI is finishing its move and has just taken a player's scissors piece (not shown) at row five, column seven.

In the game #3, there are three open positions to move to (unless the AI blocks one first), but there are also moves where you can take an opponent's pieces. For example, at your turn, you might want to move the scissors in the fourth row and fourth column, to the left and make five points. Of course, there may be better moves. For example, the scissors in the third row, sixth column is going to get taken by the AI's rock, so it might as well get some points before it goes.

The next image shows the AI "Alpha" moving one of its scissors away from the player's rock. in game #4 - a sparse game with vertical symmetry. After the AI earns one point, the player will likely want to move her papers out of harms way, or perhaps even make the same move (below) with her own scissors.

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