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iRPS - The Board Game is...

A strategic board game (for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch) which pits you against a computer opponent. In this turn-based game, the goal is to take spaces on the board while keeping your opponent from doing the same. Taking an empty board space gives one point, but taking an opponent's piece is worth five! Taking an opponent's piece is roughly based on the rules of "Rock, Paper, Scissors", but the overall feel is like "Othello".


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Screen Shot

Here's a screen shot of the game being played. Your pieces are the green-on-white ones. You play against a computer opponent who has the yellow-on-black pieces. Each moves leaves behind a blocking piece. Here the player is seen about to make a move (all green highlighted areas are legal moves) using her rock to take the AI's paper:

Support and Video

For more help, including a video of the game in action see the iRPS - Support page.


Thanks to Noah Oullette, we received our first review of iRPS on his New Products Blog over at iPhone Life: